Elibea's Time


Citizens are worried, the administration put the taxes higher than the expected.

High Taxes

Agriculture Department:

The agriculture department are the only ones that think the taxes are in a good percentage because they will only have to give a 5% of their total money. So, in conclusion, they think it is a reasonable price for their company due to the money they gain.

Construction & electricity company:

This department argument: "The administration department is taking us away a very big amount of money! So they should think on subtracting less money." The construction & electricity department think that due to the 25% they have subtracted of 3 million DUCs.

Industry department:

We were also talking with the industry department and they were very affected and very angry with the administration because it has removed a 25% of 2'5 million DUCs. "In our opinion that's a lot of money." - they complained.

Trading & transport company:

We had some problems with this company because they refused to tell us the percentage of money the administration took away to them so we could not finish our investigation, they only told us: "The administration is lying us, we are like blind people for them".

Administration's opinion:

They think that the quantity that they are subtracting to all the companies, is reasonable; Because they are taking it away depending on the total amount of money each company has.They don't care about the opinion they have. "We need the money to make infrastructures, because if there are no infrastructures, there's no way to construct" - they added.

They also asked us to show the new currency of the country, so you can see it in the next post.


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